Plate compactor Enarco

Enar produces 3 models in plate compactors, each with their own specific goals.

The PEN-series is the basic model for the 'lighter' jobs. He can be equiped with a 4 or 5,5 hp Honda engine, pulling a centrifugal power of 9800 to 15700 N.

The TEN-series is a bit heavier. The motor is a 4,6 hp Hatz, a Honda 5,5 hp or a Robin 5,7 hp. The centrifugal power is also a bit higher: going from 24500 up to 29500 N.

Top of the bill is the CRENA-series for the heavy duty. With engines going from 4,5 to 12 hp and a centrifugal power of 26000 up to 63000 (!) N, this is a real solid partner!

New since 2011 is the ZEN-series which also is available in a large choice of sizes.


Tamping rammer Enarco

The tamping rammers of Enar are very reliable and powerful machines with a good reputation on the job.

Basic model is the PC60 H4T. With a weight of 69 kg it is a easy manageable machine, equiped with a Honda 3hp engine. The foot of 333 x 280mm sets a power of 1300 kg. The same foot produces a power of 1430 kg with a Robin 4hp engine, 1540 kg with the Honda 4hp engine and 1510 kg with the Yanmar diesel-engine.


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