Vibrating screed Enar

Enar is the specialist for vibrating needles, but even as strong on the market of vibrating screeds.

They have a very large diversity in models and combinations.

Our 2 best sold versions are the QX and QZ-series.

QX-series: these screeds are very light-weighted and easy to handle for those who have to do the job by themselves. The aluminium profiles are very resistant.



QZ-series: these series are with a special profile of rounded screeds, developed to push and pull the concrete during the vibration.




Vibrating screed Vibra Strike

The screeds of Vibra Strike are very easy to handle: a fast set-up, manageable and a powerful engine: they insure a perfect finishing of the conrete.

Vibra Strike exsists in 2 models:the Vibra Strike 1 and the Vibra Strike 2.

Vibra Strike 1 is the basic model, pulled by a Honda GX35-engine, mounted on a single handle on the screed.

if you want a more stable solution, you can choose for the Vibra Strike 2. The same power, the same angine, but mounted on a double handle on the screed.

Both models can be equiped with several types of screeds, going from 1m22 to 4m88.


Hummer Screed Combo

MD Bouwmachines announces the launch of the latest novelty: the Hummer Screed Combo by Multivibe. A perfect combination for those who use intensively vibrating needles and screeds.

The machine exists of 2 basic elements: the Honda-engine and a needle, mounted on a frame, which is again connected to the screed.

Ready to be discovered in our showroom!



Cordless Screed PR100

Besides the Multivibe Hummer Screed Combo, MD bouwmachines has another novelty produced by this American providor: the PR100 Cordless Screed.

As simple and luminous: the base is a ‘normal’ vibrating screed, but in stead of the stadard Honda-engine, the screed is driven by a cordless power drill. Handy, light and very suitable for smaller and less ventilated rooms.


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