Finishing blades

MD Bouwmachines can provide you with preparation blades, combination blades and finishing blades for it's home-brands (Barikell, Allen) and most of the other brands (Bartell, Bemac, Besto, Clipper, Whiteman).

We also have the blades in ertalon.



MD Bouwmachines can provide you with pans for all machines of our home-brands Allen and Barikell.

Besides our well-known quality floating pans, we have now the same floating pans diameter 90 and 120 with a thickness of 4mm and in an extra-ordinary steel-quality. An increase of 1mm per pan, which results in a output of minimum +25%. Pans of  diameter 75 we can now provice with the same shape of a pan 90 / 120: rounded edges and 4 hooks, specially created for the MK8-75.


Saw blades

At MD Bouwmachines you can supply yourself with saw blades with a diameter from 125 mm up to 1000 mm and this for asphalt, fresh concrete and old concrete. 

Through the years, we have established a firm cooperation with Tyrolit for delivering us the best discs on the market. Because of this cooperation, we have had the opportunity to introduce a blade specially designed for concrete; The famous 'BF882' is already well-known amongst our clients, keeping his high standards flawless!


Polish bowls

If you want to retouch the concrete, you can use a polish bowl with a double row of diamants.



We deliver wax of high quality in different colours:

  • Transparant
  • Black

This wax needs to be heated up in a bucket of hot water until the wax itself has turned liquid like water. Than you need to put a very thin film of wax on the floor and work it in. Small surfaces can be done by hand with cloths. For larger surfaces you can use special brushes or special machines like the Maxititina.


Curing compound


Curing compound is a kind of varnish that can be put on top of the finished concrete. It is a chemical material that lays a protective film which slows down the hardening of the concrete. Especially in hot temperatures it's a must, because concrete which hardens to fast can split.


Curing remover

Our curing remover makes the curing disappear without a trace!


Polish discs in gauze

MD Bouwmachines can provide you with polish discs in gauze (12") in different grains  going from 60 to 150.


Joint strips / sealing joint

MD Bouwmachines can provide you with sealing joint for sealing the floorcuts. Depending on the thickness of the cut, you can choose the correct thickness of the rubber joint. Widely used are the grey and black strips, but we can also provide some fashion-colors like red, green, yellow and blue.


Trolley for sealing joint

This trolley allows you to push the sealing joints easily into the cuts without having to walk around bended over. The strips are pushed in the ground with a weight.


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