From time to time, we take over used machines. Our mecanics put them in mechanical perfect order.

An idea of our current parc:

Double machines Barikell

3037DUB - MK8-120 SOLD!



3038DUB - OL120



3042DUB - OL90 SOLD !



3043DUB - OL90 SOLD !



3046DUB - OL120 SOLD!



Double machines Tieppo

3045DUB - TLK90 SOLD!



3047DUB - TLK120



Edgers Belle (2) SOLD !




Besto 446-2 CH25


Second hand Besto from 2002.

Mechanically perfect

1500 euro


Engine driven quartz sprinkler


Our client offers a engine driven quartz sprinkler by Tieppo. It has only worked for about 2 hours and is in mint condition. Mechanicly perfect (the company is an ISO-company with very strict maintenance rules).


Asked price: 3.900,00 euro excl. BTW


Laser screed Manipav 3000


Our client offers an exeptional good second hand laserscreed of the type Manipav 3000.

With only 64.5 hours on the clock, this well maintained machine is definately worth it! A perfect maintenance by the own crew kept the machine in mint and nearly-new) state.


Bartell ride-on power trowels (2)


Mechanic perfect ride-on power trowel by Bartell.

Asked price: 3.500,00 euro per piece

Machine 1

Machine 2


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