Horizontal laser by Topcon


Topcon is since years THE reference in construction lasering. They are our only supplier on horizontal and slope lasers.

The topmodel on horizontal lasers is the RL-H4C, which is in fact more than just a horizontal laser: he has high efficiancy, high accuracy, a simple slope possibility and extra high reach up to 800m.







Slope laser by Topcon


Topcon delivers us 2 of the best slope lasers in the market:

The RL-100 is one of the most reliable machines which exists in 2 versions: single and double slope.

The simple slope-version (the RL-100 1S) can calculate slopes from -5% up to +25%. He is equiped with the new receiver of Topcon, the LS-80B, a sensorholder and a batterypack with charger.

The double slope-version (the RL-100 2S) goes from +/- 10% on the X-axe and to a (unique in the market) -5 to +25% on the Y-axe. The new RC-400 remote control makes it easy to handle to 300m distance.

The heir is the RL-SV2S. The newest in the Topcon family.

It can be used both horizontal as vertical. The laser and remote control both have the same large sized display with backlight and high contrast for easy lecture. Change slope, menu options, status of the laser and even status of the battery: all can be read from the machine or the remote control!


Tripod for laser

For all these lasers, we can provide you a very stable and easy-to-use tripod. This universal model has a telescopic height of 1m30 to 2m90.


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