Concrete squeegie


De squeegies are available in a lenght of 1 or 2 meter.

De squeegie 1m is made of high performance foamrubber with wooden handle. The 2m version is made of flexible pvc-rubber with metal handle.


Concrete rake


De rakes are divided in 2 different types:

De rake with dents are high-level metal for easy handling of the concrete.

Besides this, we have the Texas Placer: a rake with a full pulling surface of 50 cm. This comes with aluminium or wooden handle. Also the handle is aluminium or, if wanted, in blue steel.


Aluminium concrete rule with handles

For those who still like the feeling of 'working with bare hands', can choose for our series of aluminium scrapers in different lenghts:

  • 100 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 200 cm
  • 250 cm
  • 300 cm
  • 350 cm
  • 400 cm


Big Blue Float


The Big Blue float is a carbon steel plate which assures a super-flat finishing of the surface. It is delivered completely with knuckle head and aluminium handle. Of needed, we can provide supplementary handles which can be clicked in each other for long-distance handling.

Optionally, the big blue can be equiped with a brush



Bull Float rounded


De rounded Bull Float is a light-weight plate with extra ribs on the top for extra force. It is delivered complete with knuckle head and aluminium handle. If needed, we can provide extra handles which click in each other for long distance handling.

optional the bull float can be equiped with a brush.


Manuel screed by Enar

The manuel screeds by Enar come in different sizes and material:

  • 0m60 (carbon steel)
  • 0m75 (carbon steel)
  • 0m90 (blue steel)
  • 1m20 (carbon steel of blue steel)
  • 1m80 (blue steel)



MD Bouwmachines works together with 2 of the best suppliers for handtrowels in Europe. U can choose from different sizes (280 x 120, 300 x 100 or 360 x 100) with a wood or plastic handle.

Are you searching for a specific handtrowel? We contact our suppliers to check if we can deliver!


Handtrowel with profile

With these handtrowels you can put a print or shape in the concrete


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