Manuel quartz sprinkler by Tieppo

The manuel quartz sprinklers by Tieppo are very liable charts of 90 cm large. Empty they weigh +/- 40 kg and they can contain about 100 kg quartz. The sprinkler can be altered cascading from 0 to 4 kg per m².


Quartz sprinkler with motor by Tieppo

The motor-driven quartz sprinkler by Tieppo is a strong and solid chart. The sprinker is powered by a strong engine which provides a hydraulic traction. He can contain up to 200 kg quartz and can be altered cascading for an adapted dosage.


Manuel quartz sprinkler by BTC


The manuel heavy duty sprinklers by BTC are specially designed for using on concrete. They can cary up to 100 kg of quartz. The discharge kan be set from 1 to 5kg per square meter. The extra large and solid wheels turn seperately (= easy for turning)) and make the spindle turn both forward an backward.

The sprinklers can be delivered in a 2 or 3-wheel formation.


Manuel quartz sprinkler by Gamo

The Gamo is a precisionsprinkler of 1m30 wide, running on very stable wheels. De manuel sprinkler has a self-carrying reservoir of stainless steel. It sprinkles at a hight of +/- 11 cm of the ground. Also the mixer is made of stainless steel. Content: 50 liters.


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