Power generator Honda

As an official Honda dealer we can provide you with a large range in generators by Honda, going from small portable generators (600 - 2600W) up to powerfull construction site generators in frame (1700 - 6500W). Also very high performance and hightech generators are in our catalogue.


Power generator Expert

The powersources of Expert are very strong and solid groups which are very suitable for the construction sites.

We can provide you with generators going from 2,3 to 5,4 kVa. The generators have a smooth start and a low soundlevel.

The basic model is the Expert 2410X with a power of 2,3 kVa. Equiped with a 4,3 hp engine. At full load he manages an autonomy of 2h55. He weighs 34 kg.

Slighly heavier is the Expert 3010X. He has a power of 3,25 kVa. Equiped with a 5,7 hp engine. At full load he manages an autonomy of 2h45. He weighs 35 kg.

Next in line is the Expert 4010X with a power of 4,1 kVa. Equiped with a 7 hp engine. At full load this generator can manage an autonomy of 2h00. He weighs 28,5 kg.

Last one in the Expert-series is the Expert 5010X with a power of 5,4 kVa. Equiped with a 9 hp engine. At full load, he manages an autonomie of 3h00. He weighs 60 kg.


Power generator Leader

The generators of the Leader-series have a larger autonomy and higher power than the Expert-series. They are more robust and larger than the Experts.

Thsi generator has a power up to 7,5 kVa, powered by his 13,5 hp engine. At full load this generator can get an autonomy up to 10h00, thanks to the large petroltank of 27 liters. He weighs 86 kg (or 96 kg including AVR).


Honda engines

Most of our machines are equiped with the very solid engines of Honda. We can also provide the engine alone. As we are official Honda-dealer, we can deliver at very sharp prices!


Kohler engines

Also Kohler is a brand which you can find very often on our machines. As well as Honda, the Kohler engines can be purchased seperately.


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