Powerspot with seperate transphormator


The powerspot is a very easy-to-use machine with multivapor-bulbs. We can provide you with a 1000W or 1500W version.

Optional, we can also provide you with a tripod.


Primaelux HQI


The HQI-armature by Primaelux are very high quality. Bulbs are 400W.

Optional we can provide you with a tripod.


Halogen light

Our halogen lights of 1500W have high efficiency. They are delivered ready-to-use with bulb, bracket and 5m of cable.


Lighttower VT1

De lighttower VT1 is a very efficient tower, equiped with 4 x 1000W lights.

De tower is mounted on a trailer, which assures easy transport. He has sleeves both on the back and side for easy pick up with a fork-lift to load on a truck. For easy relocation with a crane, yo can use the mounted lifting hooks.

Technically, the VT1 is the top, very stable (can handle winds up to 100km/h), rotating up to 320° and very easy to use (e.g. because of the hydraulic up/down pump). In short: the perfect tower for larger sites!




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