Powerspot with seperate transphormator


The powerspot is a very easy-to-use machine with multivapor-bulbs. We can provide you with a 1000W or 1500W version.

Optional, we can also provide you with a tripod.


Primaelux HQI


The HQI-armature by Primaelux are very high quality. Bulbs are 400W.

Optional we can provide you with a tripod.


Halogen light

Our halogen lights of 1500W have high efficiency. They are delivered ready-to-use with bulb, bracket and 5m of cable.


S-10 LED lichting tower

The S-10 is one of the most performing LED-towers in the current market.

He differentiates himself from others with his compact dimension, agility and strong performances.

The unit is composed by 6 LED-lights of 50W each. Together good for only 300W of consumption. Combine this with it's strong light-intensity of 36.000 Lumen and you know this small tower is in fact a real giant. The 6 units can be turned all in one direction for direct lighting or, if used in the middle of the floor, put in a circle of 360°.


Completely shut, the LED's are nicely embodied in the housing and in this way very good preotected during transport, in which he takes very few space: he is not more than 45 x 45 cm on the floor and less than 145 cm high.



If you extend the mast at it's full, the 3 folding supports make sure you have the proper stability and assures the 4m30 high mast to withstand winds up to 100 km/h. And even than it takes only 200 x 235 cm on the floor... The standard wheelkit, which is mounted on the chassis is the finishing touch: you can easily ride the unit from your vehicle to the working floor and back.



No more draging around with heavy duty special cables or large power units: the S-10 just needs a standard 230V plug... Link the unit with a normal powerplug or, when this is not yet present, a small power generator is more than sufficient. In case of a larger site, you can link the units in series. In this way, a small generator of 1,3 Kva can feed up to 4 units in serial link.



Low consumption, high light intensity and small dimensions makes this unit up to 5 x more economic than e.g. a 1500W halogen unit!

Not convinced? In our showroom you can see the unit up and running, ready to blow you away!


C-10 LED lighting tower

The C-10 lighting tower by LuxTower is a small but powerfull tower on a lorry.

The 4 LED-units of 150watt each give a big lightfield without asking too much of the electrical net. Simply plug in on any socket with the possibility of putting up to 5 units in series directly to the power net.


This small unit takes just little place: folded only 117 x 80 cm and 235 high, but once completely deployed it comes to life: the mast reaches up to 7m00 and even than it takes only 203 x 134 of the floor surface.


Height of the mast is set through a handwinch.

The panel is simple and clear.

In brief: the new norm for all construction sites!


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