Curingsprayer on a kart

Our curingsprayer on kart is powered by an electrical 220V-engine or a Honda-engine. We can provide karts going from 50 over 70 and 90 up to 120 liters.


Curingsprayer manual

The 'black and white' manual sprayer has a nice design and has a high chemical resistant viton-seal. The perfect sprayer for curing or demoulding oil!


Curingsprayer backpack with Honda engine

Our backpack-type curingsprayer with Honda engine is powered by a GX25, which resambles to 1 hp. It comes with an adjustable double-headed lance and a seperate turbo lance. The sprayer is equiped with a 1m high pressure tube. It reaches a throughput of 8 liters per minute. Pressure is adjustable till 30 bars. Tank has a content of 25 liters. Empty the sprayer weighs 9 kg.


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