Floor saws by Barikell

Barikell is not only known for his trowels, also their floor saws are very strong in the market.

Their range for sawing conrete exists of:

  • Floor 5 (basic model for disc of 300 and 350 mm)
  • Floor 10 (for discs of 300 to 450mm)
  • Floor 20 (for discs of 300 to 450 mm)
  • Floor 30 (for discs of 300 to 450 mm)

The basic model is the Floor 5, a featherweight of +/- 130 kg, equiped with a Honda-engine. He has a watertank of 40 liters.


The Floor 10 is a bit heavier (+/- 160 kg) and has a watertank of 70 liters.

The Floor 20 has a weight of +/- 220 liters, with a watertank of 80 liters.

The largest in this series is the Floor 30, which has a watertank of 90 liters and wheighs +/- 300 kg. He is equiped with the very nice Lombardini-engine of 28 hp.

The Floor 10, 20 and 30 can optionaly be equiped with a second blade.

Besides the range for concrete sawing, Barikell has also 2 machines for sawing asphalt: :

  • Asphalt 20 (for blades of 300 to 450 mm)
  • Asphalt 30 (for blades of 300 to 600 mm)


Floor saws by Tyrolit

Tyrolit is one of the main producers of diamant-blades. This knowledge reflects in their own top-quality floor saws.

The machines can be equiped with blades going from 350 mm up to 600mm diameter.

New in their range is e.g. the floor saw FSG513. The perfect balance gives a perfect saw which is easy to handle, thanks to the ergonomic placement of the controlpanel. The robust and high-quality frame can hold large force and give a maximum of vibration reduction. He can be equiped with blades up to 450 mm, and has a cut of 170mm maximum depth. He is powered by a Honda engine of 13pk. The watertank can contain op to 25 liters.

The factsheet can be downloeded here.


Besides this one, we also have the FSG620 in our catalogue. A robust machine for blades up to 600 mm and a cut going 220 mm depth. Very precise and extremely accurate. With a strong Honda-engine, this is a powerful floorsaw with an ergonomic controlepanel for perfect and easy use.


Floor saws by Norton

Norton is one of our main suppliers for floorsaws.

Basic model is the Clipper C51 (with Honda 6,5 hp engine). A robuste, compact, light and easy to handle floor saw, fitting blades up to 350 mm. He has a maximum depth of cut to 125 mm and is equiped with a watertank of 20 liters. He performs best on concrete (wet and dry).

The Clipper C71 is a larger model (with Honda 13 hp-engine) which suits blades up to 400mm diameter. He can cut up to a depth of 140mm. The watertank is the same as the C51, so he can contain up to 20 liters. Also the C71 performs best on concrete (wet and dry)

The CS1 is a powerfull machine which performs both on concrete and asphalt. Depending on the type, he can carry blades of 350 tot 500mm. The maximum depth of cut is 190mm and his watertank can contain up to 70 liters.

Besides these top-models, Norton also has some larger models on the market: blades goint up to 1200mm and a maximum depth of cut up to 510 mm!


Floor saw Soff-Cut 150 by Husqvarna


The floor saw Soff-Cut 150 by Husqvarna is calculated on light use and work in houses. As the lightest in his kind, the 150 is well-known for his easy use and comfort.

One of his main caracteristics is the sound-dimming plate housing, making it possible to use it inside with the smallest disturbing sound. Besides that, the saw can be used 'dry': the bladeblocking system assures just a small amount of dust, so less cleaning up afterwards!

He is equiped with a light Robin-engine of 3.3 kW (4.5 hp) with cyclonic airfilter. Depth is regulated mecanically. The wheels are specially designed for not sticking, to assure no tracks and marks after sawing. The machine can carry a blade of maximum 152.4mm and cuts up to 30mm deep.

With a weight of 39.5 kg and measurements being only 1727 x 482 x 851mm,, this is a compact supermachine.


Top Aspirante: floorsaw with FLOOR CLEANING machine by Tieppo

The Italian brand Tieppo has always been one step ahead of it's competitors concerning novelties. Their inventity has been their strenght for years. And this floorsaw is no different.

The TOP ASPIRANTE by Tieppo is in fact 2 machines in one: it is a powerful floorsaw combined with a cleanig machine. No more walking up and down the same floor twice: the cleaning machine makes sure that the pulp which stays behind after sawing is nicely sucked up in only 1 move. After passing through, the floor is perfectly cut and clean.

The machine is driven by a powerful Honda engine of 22 hp. It has a tank of 45 liters for fresh water and can hold up to 90 liters of wastewater. The sucking unit is powered by 2 electric engines of 250 watt.

This TOP ASPIRANTE is a true price winning machine in which we have great belief and it is unique. A real TOP product!


Table saws by Norton

The table saws by Norton are top-market products. Very high quality, reliable material and a stable frame are a guarantee for perfect cutting.

The large range goes from blades of 350 up to 500mm.

If you consider extending the machine, most of the models can be equiped with a large range of extras e.g. extra supports, tilting table, wheelkits,...


Tile saws by Norton

Norton also produces 2 top-models of tile saws.

The SMS202 can hold blades up to 200mm with a maximum tile-thickness of 35 mm.

The SMS251 is the larger model of the SMS202 and can hold blades up to 250mm. Maximum thickness of the tiles: 55mm. This larger version can also be extended with e.g. foldable legs and sawing guides for diagonal sawing.


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