Moskito by Barikell


The Moskito is the handy, small and easy rotating edger by Barikell. He exists in 2 types: a diameter of 60 (Moskito 60) and a diameter of 75 (Moskito 75).

Standard, he is equiped with a Honda 5.5 hp-engine. Shortly, we have arranged for the Moskito 75 to be equiped optional with a Kohler 7 hp-engine.

Both versions can be equiped with a floating disc.


Single powertrowels by Barikell


The single trowels by Barikell are very stable and reliable machines for rowelling smaller surfaces. The width of the machines goes from 80 over 90 to 120 cm diameter. The machines are equiped with 4 arms.

As well as the Moskito's, the models 80 and 90 are standard with a Honda 5.5 hp-engine. The model 120 is equiped with a Honda 11 hp-engine.

The machines can be equiped with floating blades


Double powertrowels by Barikell

The double trowels by Barikell are very suitable for larger surfaces.

With a width of 2 x 75 centimeter, 2 x 90 centimeter and 2 x 120 centimeter, they can be used for a variety of construction sites.

The basic model is the MK8-75 (with a width of 2 x 75 centimeter). It comes standard with a Honda 13 hp-engine. It can be equiped with a 'comfortpackage' in which the watersprinklersystem and a lighting-circuit will be pre-installed on the machine. Optionaly you can put 2 pans on the machine.

Slightly larger is the MK8-90 (width of 2 x 90 centimeter). On this machine, the watersprinker and lighting are pre-installed and you can also equip the machine with the pans. This one comes standard with a Kohler 27 hp-engine, though Honda 20 or 24 hp-engines are demanded frequently.
The largest model for the double trowels by Barikell is the MK8-120 (width of 2 x 120 cm). Also on this machine, the watersprinkler and lighting are pre-installed and the pans can be put on the blades. Most sold version comes with a powerful Kohler 36 hp-engine!
Both the 90 and 120 models also exist in an 'overlap'-version for seemless trowelling in 1 movement. In this case, there is no possibility of putting pans on the blades as the 2 helicopters are turning like cogwheels.


Double powernd trowels Hydraulic by Barikell


Besides the 'normal' trowels by Barikell, this TOP-producer has also some hydraulic versions on the market for easier and more accurate steering.

They are available with a width of 2 x 90 centimeter or 2 x 120 centimeter. (= 2 spiders of 4 arms)


Double powertrowel Hydraulic by Allen



The hydraulic trowels by Allen are top of the market. Because of their size, these robuste red machines are perfect for the larger surfaces.

We can offer 3 versions of this wonderful machine:

  • Allen HD560
  • Allen HDX600
  • Allen HDX740


The HD560 is one of the largest in his kind, with a width of 365 centimeter he can take very large surfaces. The stretched fframe (46 centimeter between the both arms) increases stability and the flatness of his work. He is powered by a 99 hp Turbo-motor by Kubota.

The HDX600 (Extreme Drive) has a 44 hp Turbo-motor by Kubota on board and is with it's 254 centimeter a bit smaller than the HD560, but he has a higher downforce / torque. This has a suficiant influence on the flatness.

The highlight of the series is the HDX740. A mastodont which combines the size of the HD560 (width of 553 centimeter) with the extreme downforce / torque of the HDX600. He is equiped with 2 x 6 arms and can be extended with 2 pans of 1,52 meter each! The 60hp-engine gives perfect powering for this beauty!



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