The workshop

Besides selling construction machinery (check our products), MD Bouwmachines has an own workshop for maintenance and restoration of these machines.

Here our mecanics take care of the machines after a rough time on the site and restored in working order to attack the next construction site.

Ons atelier

In urgent cases, we are able to come on-site to do the nessecary adjustments, so you can continue the work without delay.



You have only a short or a one-time assignment? You can rent the machines at MD Bouwmachines for a certain period. That way you can maybe still accept the assignment without having to invest in a new machinepark.

Second hand

Searching for a second handmachine? In our product listing you can find our current stock. Alle second handmachines are checked and repaired by our mecanics and are delivered ready for the job.

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